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We at Offshore Office®, place the customer at the center of all our decisions. With a strong customer-focus, we set the optimum end goals first and then build backwards from that.


  • Apple works on a closed ecosystem. It allows for enhanced security but also translates into more restrictions for the developer and fewer features for the user.
  • Developing an iOS app makes more sense if your target audience:
    1. lives in North America and Western Europe
    2. is younger, wealthier and more educated
  • iOS is the more lucrative platformif you intend to monetize through a subscription model or in-app purchases.
  • 95% of Apple users run their devices on one of the two latest operating systems. This makes programming and development easier and faster.
  • At the same time, the App Store might take longer to approve your product because of strict regulations and quality expectations in place.


  • Android works with an open source ecosystem. This allows for greater functionality and customization options.
  • Developing an Android app makes more sense if you are targeting a broader, globalmarket and plan to monetize through advertising.
  • Less than 20% of users operate their devices on the two latest systems. This makes developing for Android comparatively time-consuming as compatibility has to be ensured with multiple devices with a variety of screen sizes and OS versions.
  • At the same time, android apps typically take only a day or two to get approved and updates can be pushed within a matter of hours.


  • Hybrid apps work across multiple platforms.
  • Hybrid app development is typically faster which translates into quicker time-to-market.
  • Hybrid apps offer lesser customization options and are not ideal for complex projects.
  • Hybrid development makes sense if:
    1. the functionality of your product is not too complicated and you just want to offer mobile users a better experience.
    2. your budget is tight and you need both Android and iOS support.

Every business is unique. So should be your app!

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